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Writer's Guide to Harry Potter

"I seriously think A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter is BRILLIANT and the analysis amazing – from both a reader’s AND a writer’s perspective."
     -- Kiki Hamilton, award-winning author of THE MIDNIGHT SPY--named One of the Best Books of 2015 by Kirkus Reviews 

“There are countless books about good writing, but few that peel back the curtain on what makes a book beloved. THE WRITER’S GUIDE TO HARRY POTTER is a treasure trove for writers and readers alike, filled with nuggets of insight into the characters, world, and techniques J.K. Rowling used to work her magic. It’s a resource I’ll go back to again and again!”

     -- Martina Boone, award-winning author of COMPULSION and the Heirs of Watson Island trilogy.

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A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter
The Harry Potter magic lives on as J.K. Rowling expands her wizarding world into new stories and formats. For five years, writers and fans from all continents have used A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter to delve beneath her pages' surface to discover the skill and artistry which created a story that enchanted audiences across generations. In this newly revised and expanded edition, S.P. Sipal takes you even deeper than before, exploring new techniques, and even peering into the artistic and marketing vision behind the upcoming Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

No matter your genre, this guide will help you strengthen your writing by virtually apprenticing under a bestselling mentor. Through fifteen lessons, discover the expert techniques Ms. Rowling employs which makes her series such a phenomenal success and which will help improve your own craft and style.

Topics include:
  • characterization
  • world building
  • backstory
  • mystery plotting
  • myths and archetypes
  • fan interaction
  • social media
  • and author-driven publishing and promotion. 

A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter
A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter
Table of Contents
  • Lesson One: More Emotional Range than a Teaspoon

  • Lesson Two: Freeing Your Prisoner of Azkaban
    (Voice and Reader Fulfillment)

  • Lesson Three: Flying High Above the Quidditch Pitch
    (High Concept)

  • Lesson Four: Return to the Dursleys
    (Establishing and Breaking Story Patterns)

  • Lesson Five: The Dark Lord is in the Detail

  • Lesson Six: Revealing Wormtail
    (Dropping Clues, Hiding Secrets)

  • Lesson Seven: Put a Fidelius Charm on Your Godric's Hollow

  • Lesson Eight: Pulling the Sword Out of the Hat
    (Mythic Structures, Archetypes, and Themes)

  • Lesson Nine: His Royal Snivellius
    (Antiheroes and Ambiguity)

  • Lesson Ten: Of Grindelwald and Hitler
    (Real World Relevance)

  • Lesson Eleven: Tossing Snowballs at Quirrell

  • Lesson Twelve: Catch Your Snitch!
    (Writing with Pleasure)

  • Lesson Thirteen: Draco loves Hermione! At least in fan fiction.
    (Fan Fiction and Involvement)

  • Lesson Fourteen: Choosing Your Owl
    (Social Media and Public Image)

  • Lesson Fifteen: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    (Hatching Artistic and Marketing Vision)